Moped Loewen is the brainchild of the saxophonist Daniel Varga and the Polish poltergeist Piotr Lipowicz. They met each other while studying jazz at the KUG in Graz. The original repertoire of the band is a fusion of a variety of ideas and influences. Jazz tradition meets madness, creating utopian, lunar and extraterrestrial visions that are being processed into songs, sketches and home decorations. The laboratory character of the band provides more space for creativity and spontaneity and as a result the music itself carries more emotional weight. The band would not be complete without the creative Croatian-Brazilian rhythm section; bassist Ivar Krizic and drummer Matheus Jardim. Their rhythmic dialogues provide the songs with a dynamical backdrop that makes your soul cry for more.

Daniel Aaron Varga | alto saxophone, lead vocal, synth
Piotr Jakob Lipowicz | guitar, synth
Ivar Roban Krizic | bass
Matheus Gilbert Jardim | drums


Foto: Lucija Novak