Eloá Gonçalves Trio

„In collaboration with the musicians André Luis Oliveira (drums) and Tobias Steinrück (bass), the trio led by newly in Graz established brazilian pianist and composer Eloá Gonçalves presents a blend of sonorities that walk between the freedom of jazz and some compositional references to classical and brazilian music.

The repertoire to be presented by the trio is full of elements found in brazilian music, ranging from simple and lyrical melodies to traditional genres such as waltz, choro, and baião. In addition, there are traces of modal and contemporary jazz, always permeated by improvisation. For a choice of pieces, trombonist, arranger and composer Karel Eriksson will join the trio.

Karel Eriksson is a swedish trombonist/composer, currently living in Graz, Austria. From the year 2009-2014 Karel studied Jazz Trombone at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz under supervision of renowned american trombonist/composer Ed Neumeister. Karel recieved „Best Solo Award“ in Litvinov Jazzfest 2009, a „Best Soloist Award“ at the Jazz Juniors in Prague 2009 and an „Outstanding Solo award“ at the European Jazz Competition in Rome 2012.“

Eloá Gonçalves | piano, comp.
Tobias Steinrück | bass
Luis Oliveira | drums

Foto Eloá Gonçalves: Helmut Lunghammer
Foto Karel Eriksson: Lucija Novak