Cristina Miguel (25) is a catalan saxophonist and composer. Graduated at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. Cristina moved to Graz (Austria) in 2017.

After releasing her debut album as a leader called AMSTERDAM, Cristina seeked for a different sound, a warmer sound with a larger instrumentation, and put together a band featuring a string quartet, bringing together her classical music background and her passion for jazz and improvised music.

With her music, Cristina creates spaces where you can place yourself and dream about, places with smells and touch.

Cristina Miguel | Tenor sax
Alistair Payne | Trumpet
Milos Colovic | Double bass
Luis Oliveira | Drums
Alyona Pynzenyk | Violin I
Iulia Ionanas | Violin II
Daria Ujejska | Viola
Zsofi Klacsmann | Cello