ÈKÓ Graz Collective

“ÈKÓ Afrobeat” is a Sao Paulo based afrobeat ensemble, which gained great recognition in the scene after the release of their debut album, in 2016. In 2017, three of the core members of the original band, already established in Graz, Austria, decided to start a collective work, playing the music from ÈKÓ with a new ensemble, formed by european musicians, conceiving a new group: “ÈKÓ Graz Collective”. Within this connection, the new ensemble makes a very rich cultural exchange with the original,  allowing their music to get further and thrive.

Bandleaders: Luis Oliveira & Gustavo Boni

Jakob Helling | Trumpet
Nicolò Loro Ravenni | Tenor Sax
Karel Eriksson | Trombone
Nikolaus Holler | Bariton Sax
Anna Doblhofer | Keyboards
Markus Steinrück | Guitar
Gustavo Boni | Bass
Luís André C. O. | Drums



Image: Pedro Faria de Conti